Testing Ground: Reparative Practices for New Cultural Ecosystem

Kurziv, with partners Krytyka Polityzna from Poland and Maska from Slovenia, three independent cultural organisations, are developing a project Testing Ground: Reparative Practices for New Cultural Ecosystem, co-financed by European Union. Through the project, we will develop ‘reparative methods‘ – creative research modalities that, through a combination of research/theoretical and cultural/artistic tools, examine and build the potential of culture and art for social repair.

Repair Shack Molat

Bringing together members of the experimental research teams of the Testing Ground project, Repair Shack Molat unfolds as a collective exploration of the potential of culture to generate practices of rest/leisure that can serve as an alternative to ecologically destructive hyper-productivity.

Ana Kuzmanić: Space without a name – vulnerable position and systems

In the form of a lecture-performance, artist and researcher shared her experience of living with dislexia, focusing on dealing with various pressures dictated by educational and cultural systems.

Happy Hour of Rennouncing Ambition

Team Anomaly’s happy hour of pondering, talking, list-making and pizza-eating immersed the audience in a collective rethinking of ambitions and failures.

Future 14B

In this living laboratory co-created by a transdisciplinary group, possible futures are being conceived, debated, researched and implemented.

Visual reflection: Relationality, situatedness, and sensibility

Illustrator Antonela Šurbek reported from Una Bauer’s lecture, dedicated to the search for ways of reparative action towards institutional frameworks.

Una Bauer: Relationality, situatedness, and sensibility

About the relationship between relational ethics, relational epistemology and institutional mechanics.

Visual reflection: Sex Education II

Illustrator Maja Poljanc chose to respond to a segment dedicated to consent, conducted within Tjaša Črnigoj’s lecture-performance series.

Tjaša Črnigoj: Sexual education II

Series of 5 lectures-performances about women’s sexual pleasure is a process that explores sexual pleasure as a basic sexual right within the framework of human rights.

Translation of ‘Deleted pleasure. The clitoris and thought’

The September brought a publishing of a Slovenian translation of Catherine Malabou’s book.

Visual reflection: Repair Shack Zakole

Zakole group shares a few exercises that can help to get a bit deeper in the wetland’s ecology, soundscape, meanings, emotions, speculations, embodiments and whatever one might find there for themselves.

Repair Shack Zakole

Event that explored interdisciplinary remedial strategies against the advancing climate disaster presented through the case of wetland Zakole Wawerskie.

Zakole experimental walks

Educational and experimental walks through Zakole Wawerskie in Warsaw are co-created with artists and scientists in various fields, such as urban planning, ecology of wetlands, urban botany, mycology, anthropology, philosophy or hydrology, as well as social activists, journalists, writers and city dwellers.

Belgrade micro-residency of the YUFU group

From September 11 to 13, the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (IFDT) in Belgrade hosted an international workshop led by the Jugofuturism research group, organized by the Maska Institute.

Open call for Anomaly team

Creative Research into Anomalies,
Failure and Resistance: Kurziv is announcing an open call for participation in a five-person interdisciplinary international team for the exploration of anomalies through experiments.

Visual reflection: Reparative Explorations seminar

Illustrator and designer Maja Maar shaped the focus of the “Reparative explorations” seminar into a series of illustrations.

Reparative Explorations: Feminist Pathways

The last seminar session focused on modalities of work in our artistic, research, design and other practices, and whether feminism can offer us a toolbox for repairing the damaged social tissue.

Reparative Explorations: More-than-human potentials

The second seminar session explored how looking beyond human subjectivity and delving into more-than-human collaborations can offer reparative potential to the crises of today.

Reparative Explorations: The Pursuit of Joy

The first session in a three-part online seminar explored the potentials of seeking pleasure as the base of research processes.

The Power of Pleasure, feminist reading club

Feminist reading club coordinated by Klara Otorepec and Pia Brezavšček focuses on implementation of the topics »pleasure in feminism as a reparatory practice«.

Repair launch

Testing Ground: Reparative Practices for New Cultural Ecosystem

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